When it comes to enhancing your lashes with extensions, it helps to understand your lashes’ natural growth cycle. Your lashes go through different growth phases, and it’s our job as your lash artist Orlando to know how to apply extensions in a way that won’t damage your lashes.

Eyelash Growth Cycle

Firstly, it’s crucial to understand that all your lashes will always be in different stages of the growth cycle. This is why they are not all the same length at any one time.

In general, our lashes regenerate every 2 months, and there are three growth phases.

The first phase is known as the Growth phase. This is where your eyelash can grow between 0.12 to 0.14mm in a day. Sometimes called the Anagen phase, this period often lasts between a month to two months. 

The degradation phase, or Catagen phase, is when your eyelash has completed and stopped its growth. This is also where the hair follicles start to shrink.

Finally, the resting phase (also known as the Telogen phase)  is when your lash falls out.

It’s important to understand that extensions that have been applied to lashes in the final Telogen stage will tend to shed sooner than extensions that are applied to lashes in the Anagen or Catagen stages. 

As professional lash artists, we may choose not to apply extensions to your shorter lashes to protect them. The general rule is that your natural lash has to be at least half the length of the extension in order to support it adequately and not be strained. 

Will Eyelash Extensions Affect My Natural Lashes?

With a sound understanding of your eyelashes’ natural growth cycle, your eyelash artist will know how to apply extensions in a way that will not damage your natural lashes.

Weight of Extensions

We ensure that the extensions are not too heavy for your natural lash to support. An experienced lash artist will know how to select the right lash extension that has the appropriate length and thickness for your natural lash. Ultimately, we don’t want to strain your natural lash as that can cause your lashes to shed prematurely.

Correct Application

An inexperienced lash artist may accidentally apply the extension directly onto your eyelid. This is a significant problem as it can cause your hair follicle to become clogged, affecting the growth of any new lashes. It can also cause dermatitis, where your skin and eyelid become irritated and inflamed. As trained and professional eyelash artists, we are always mindful to avoid this and only use the correct application techniques.

It’s also crucial to avoid accidentally gluing two or more lashes together, forming messy clusters of lashes and extensions. This is because if there’s a natural lash within this cluster that’s still growing, it may tug at the other lashes stuck to it and pull them out along with it when it sheds.


Understanding your eyelash growth cycle is crucial for every professional eyelash artist to know. Ultimately, extensions won’t affect your natural lashes negatively if they’re applied correctly. 

When your lashes are in the capable and experienced hands of our well-trained lash artists, you know you can look forward to having longer, luscious extensions and still enjoy healthy natural lashes.