Lash Training

Did you know we also have a lash and brow services training academy? Learn the lash business from professional lash artists in a working lash studio!

At Orlando Lash and Brow Academy our mission is to train and support beauty professionals; giving them the tools, knowledge and skills they need to make women feel more beautiful.

$10.00 off your first service as a new client

At Revolution Lash Studio our goal is to make women feel more beautiful!

Our educators have years of experience in applying lash extensions as well as operating a lash business. Our goal is to fully support and mentor our students as they begin their lash journey.

Upon graduation from Orlando Lash and Brow Academy, you will have the skills and confidence you need to build a thriving lash business for yourself.

“Beauty goes to her address
She shuts the door and climbs the stairs
And when she sleeps the revolution grows”

– David Byrne

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