Your eyebrows help to frame your face, and a neat, well-shaped set of brows can do a lot to create a polished look. However, while you may do your best to keep up with your brow appointments, you might still sometimes wake up with unruly and uncooperative brows. This is where eyebrow tools come in handy. The right eyebrow tools can make a significant difference in the daily appearance of your eyebrows and keep them looking defined and well put together. Take a look at these brow grooming tools that you should have in your beauty kit at home:


In between your brow appointments, you might notice stray hairs growing back. Having tweezers on hand can help to remove them. Simply use your tweezers to carefully remove the stray hairs to maintain the shape of your brows. Just be careful when you’re tweezing, and don’t overdo it, or you could end up with uneven brows. 

Brow Brush

A brow brush is great for keeping your eyebrows neat. It’s not unlike brushing your hair daily; your brows can use a good brush to keep them tidy too! Always start with clean and dry brows that are free of any makeup. Next, brush upwards to see how your brows are naturally shaped, and try to move your brow hairs so that there are no obvious gaps. 

Sometimes, you might prefer to brush your eyebrows downwards to create a defined look. Brushing downwards will also show you if there are any other areas you need to fill in.

For areas that seem too sparse, here’s where you can come in with a brow pencil or powder. With light strokes, fill in the gaps in your brow, and remember to blend everything naturally with your brow brush.

When using your brow brush, always be gentle and use light strokes. You don’t want to be too forceful as it can ruin your brow shape or even damage the hair follicles. With your brow brush, you’ll be able to give your brows more volume and set them neatly in place.

Eyebrow Powder or Pencil

Brow pencils or powders are especially useful in helping to define your brows in between your brow appointments. They both have the same purpose, but some people prefer powders as they tend to look more natural while other like brow pencils as they are easier to use.  

When it comes to brow powders and pencils, you’ll notice that there are so many shades to choose from. Remember to choose a color that’s one or two shades lighter than your own eyebrow color. If you’re unsure which color would suit you best, don’t hesitate to consult our brow experts during your appointments.

Start off by filling in any gaps or sparse spots with short and light strokes. Then, slowly build up the depth and darkness of the color, and avoid strong, dark strokes if you don’t want a harsh look. After you’re done, always finish off with a brow brush to blend everything in for a subtle, natural look.

Brow Gel

While your brows will be nicely shaped during your brow appointment, it’s still likely that you might have unruly and untidy brows in between. With a brow gel on hand, you can tame and set them in place to maintain their shape.

Be sure to brush your brows first with a brow brush before using the brow gel to set the hair. Apply the brow gel in short strokes from the inner corners toward the outer corners. Next, brush the gel throughout your brows and try to spread it out evenly. When using brow gels, you don’t want to overdo it and apply too much, as you can end up with an unnatural and heavy look.


After coming in for our brow services, these are some things you can do to maintain your brow shape in between appointments. You don’t have to wait until your next brow service and put up with bad brow days in between. Tweezers, brow brushes, eyebrow pencils or powders, and brow gels are all handy tools that are great to have at home so you can do quick touchups and keep your brows looking neat. With these tools and the right techniques, you won’t have any problems keeping your brows defined and well put together until your next brow appointment.