Lash shedding is normal and natural. Just like you lose some hairs from your head, you’ll lose lashes regularly as they regrow and replenish. Since your eyelash extensions are applied onto your natural lashes, it’s crucial to understand more about your lash growth cycle and how natural lash shedding works.

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What is Lash Shedding?

All the hair on your body works by shedding and regrowing in cycles, and the same thing happens to your eyelashes. You might not even notice this, but you will shed around 2-5 natural lashes per day.

This means that in one week, you lose around 40 lashes. In two weeks, 80 lashes; in three weeks, 120 lashes. It sounds like so many lashes, but this is entirely normal. Your lashes are always growing and replacing the ones that you’ve lost, so you don’t need to worry about not being left with any.

Lash Growth

Your lashes are constantly growing, which means that you probably won’t even notice that you’re losing lashes in the first place.

The actual growth cycle for your lashes will generally last anywhere from one to three months, from the beginning of your lash growth to the final loss of your old lashes. Since lashes are constantly growing at different rates, you shouldn’t notice anything beyond the stray lash in your eye.

Lash Shedding and Eyelash Extensions

Your lashes grow in three different stages. They start at the anagen stage, where they’re just growing out from your lash line. Then, they get to the catagen stage where they’re mid-length. They stay like this for a while until the telogen stage, when they get ready to start shedding.

You can apply your eyelash extensions in either of the first two stages, although it’s best to get your extensions when your lashes are in the second stage. Your lashes will be the strongest in this stage, and able to support heavier or fuller extensions. This also ensures that your lashes last as long as possible.